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Tennis Parents Need to Know....

Junior tennis has been growing in the Bay Area consistenly over the years. With the new addition of QuickStart and other forms of player development, you see an increase in the word "Academy". After speaking with many coaches who have traveled on tour and have seen or been in the Bay Area, they too have seen the increase of more programs calling themselves "Academy".

Typically an Academy is a place where a student can build their tennis. have room and board, and be around other players who are seeking the same performance level. You hear of many of the prestigous programs all around the world that follow this model. Which include:

  • IMG Bolleteri Tennis Academy
  • Chris Evert Tennis Academy
  • Sanchez Tennis Academy
  • and so many more that I can go on endlessly.

So why now does all of these programs in the area use the name "Academy"???

The reason is because....they can! They can use the name to try to get a competitve edge on the competition. When parents shop for a tennis program, the word Academy strikes them as an elite program on top of others.

Well isn't SVTA a Tennis Academy?

Yes, we are. But, we have been around for over 22 years. We were the 1st tennis academy in the Bay Area. We can provide room/ board on request and have very resonable prices.


In conclusion, don't be stuck on what the program calls itself. Check out the program and see for yourself. If the program tries to suck you on right off the bat and force you to pay thousands of dollars just to join, take a step back and keep shopping.

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